E3 Primer: The Inquisitor



Just who is the Inquisitor? A man? A woman? The savior of Thedas? Or a demon writhing in flesh? Well, maybe not a demon, but....the rest is all your choice.

Welcome back to my E3 Primer, sharing everything we know so far about Dragon Age: Inquisition. My name is Ashe. Today's subject is the Inquisitor: the upcoming protagonist and player character for the next Dragon Age game. Let's begin.

For reasons unknown, the Inquisitor was present near the Temple of the Sacred Ashes when it was destroyed by an explosion. Miraculously surviving the blast, the Inquisitor walks out of the Fade, the alleged sole survivor, and is found by Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast and her soldiers. Many do not know how the Inquisitor survived, whether the originator of the blast itself or simply a bystander. Nevertheless, the Inquisitor's hand is branded with a green mark of great power, one that can close the Veil rifts that have scattered across Thedas.

Crafting your character will let you choose from four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, and Qunari. Bioware has made great lengths to expand the selectable sliders for each facial attribute, in comparison to the character generators from Origins and 2. Eyebrows, hair, jaw, chin, and way more considered.

Tattoos will be back. Qunari, specifically, will have different types of war paint (as well as various horn styles). However, height and weight are unchangeable, due to armor models.

Players can choose from four voices - two for each gender. Bioware is still investigating the ability to modulate the voices and change their pitch for more variance.

Each race will have a specific background that will be lightly touched upon in the story. Qunari Inquisitors will always be a Tal-Vashoth, one who does not follow the Qun religion. Elven Inquisitors come from a Dalish background. This means that if your Elven Inquisitor interacts with other Dalish elves, they will recognize you are Dalish. Human and dwarf Inquisitor backgrounds have yet to be unveiled.

Humans, Elves, and Qunari will feature all three classes: warrior, mage, and rogue. In accordance with the lore, Dwarves will be unable to play as a mage, and must choose between either a warrior or rogue.

Under each class are three specializations. 

For Warriors: Champion, Templar. And Reaver.
For Mages: Knight Enchanter. Necromancer. And Rift.
For Rogues: Artificer. Assassin. And Tempest.

Players will be required to choose only one specialization. Spells, abilities, and talent trees available to each specialization are still unknown, however we do know that primal spells like firestorm and spirit spells like walking bomb are present. I will address more of this in the gameplay portion of the primer.

As far as attire, the Inquisitor can choose from a wide range of armor. There are no restrictions - warriors can wear mage armor and mages can wear rogue armor. Of course, there may be some inhibiting factors in wearing non-class armor like stat reductions and looking silly trying to stealthily moving in a dress. But it is to your discretion.

The role of the Inquisitor is in the name. You will be in charge of re-creating and strengthening an organization named the Inquisition. Many will fear you. Many will be...enamored by you. And others want you dead. Gaining power will expose you to many of Thedas' most notable characters. The most esteemed individuals will be at your side. Under your leadership, the Inquisition will shift into an unrivaled power, answering to no other man or nation. It's up to you whether you want to be a figurehead of order...or change.

That's all I have for you on the Inquisitor. More parts of the primer will come soon. Be sure to subscribe, like, and all that goodness. Thank you for watching and I hope to see you next time.