Hello World, Again

I’m really bad at these, but I want you to know… it’ll be okay.

Or not. Probably not. I am making content again.

The past year, I have been churning over content and trying to rediscover what made me love making it in the first place. It’s been difficult, tiring, and ultimately stupid.

I’m figuring it out as we go, but I realized I just need to make content and not sweat the small stuff. For me, my channel was a two-partner. One, an outlet of catharsis for getting all the headcanons and thoughts out of my brain. And two, a motivation to keep reading and researching and learning new things. I lost the latter along the way, and not having the former definitely took a toll as I mindlessly sailed through my previous job for three years.

My recent Cyberpunk 2077 video was my attempt at figuring out if I still had it in me. I definitely do, though definitely not at all interested in the editing side of it. I hope I can hire a reliable editor I know I can trust in the future, but for the time being, I need to make content. I want to make content. I need to just make it. Good or bad, I’ll make it happen.

Plan goes like this:

I start making videos again. This blog reactivates in tandem with the channel. I stream on Twitch here and there. YouTube’s 70%, Twitch 30%. I’ll tweak things as we go.

Likely I’m broadcasting this to the void, but I want to look back on this post one day In the far off future and say “I did the thing. I did the thing and it started here.”

It’s a hope. A dream. And maybe, one day I can share what thing I really wanted to do all along. But until then, let me make my silly gaming videos and lore guides. They made me happy once. At the very least, we can try again.