PAX Prime and the next Inquisition DLC | Bioware Breakdown


Bioware Base at PAX Prime, Knights of the Fallen Empire dev stream, and Qunari DLC hints? My name is Ashe and welcome to another Bioware breakdown.

Bioware at PAX

Bioware Base is returning for PAX Prime. On the Bioware blog, a new post with all panel dates and times has been released. If you're planning on going to PAX Prime, be sure to hit up these panels - and attend early because sometimes there aren't enough chairs. Also, be sure to check the schedule board outside the Bioware base, as the times usually change a little bit compared to the online schedule.

But I think there are two important panels you need to pay attention to this weekend. One is Saturday's panel in the main hall at 4PM Pacific, which is called Dragon Age: Past, Present, and Future. It will not only talk about the Dragon Age series as a whole, but Bioware will be showing new, upcoming content for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The other is the Q&A session at 10:30 on Sunday morning, which will be an hour and a half of answering questions on the new Inquisition content from the main panel. If you have any questions you want me to ask for you, be sure to add it in the comments below.

Also, two new PAX exclusive merch will be available in limited quantities. The first is from Sanshee - a Golden Nug plushie that squeaks when pressed, priced at $25. The other is by Dark Horse: a set of Playing Cards for $8, and only 500 exist. Also, Dark Horse is holding a contest with these playing cards. If you find a Golden or Silver Nug card with your set, you will win prizes. 5 Golden Nug winners grab a ton of Dragon Age-themed Logitech peripherals as well as an Inquisition Stein, while 20 Silver Nug winners will get a digital copy of Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 2. 

And for those of you who can't go to Seattle, I'll also be posting summaries of as many panels as I can attend, so be sure to follow me at, or if you're on Tumblr then it's

Bioware Austin streams Knights of the Fallen Empire's Chapter 3

Knights of the Fallen Empire, the upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, is raising a lot of questions. What will happen to our companions? Where is my love interest? Who are the Zakuul and why am I frozen in carbonite? Well, Bioware will be hosting a dev livestream on Twitch, as of this video's release, today, at The livestream is a makeup effort for canceling the PAX Prime Cantina, as Bioware needs to continue working on the expansion for its release in October. It will show gameplay from Chapter 3, the same chapter that I reported on back during E3. You can see a detailed breakdown of the gameplay on my channel. The stream itself starts at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern. In case you miss it, it will be available on the past broadcasts of their Twitch channel after the livestream is over.

Another Day, Another Qunari Post

On the Dragon Age twitter, Bioware posted a new entry called "Know Your Lore: The Qunari" which detailed the race of the Qunari within the Blessed age, as well as their secret agents called the Ben-Hassrath. What seems like a friendly post educating players about Dragon Age's lore may be way more, as it has the same undertones of the tweets that foreshadowed the most recent DLC The Descent. Also another curious tweet is the idea that Corypheus is not the worst threat in Thedas, that also was on the Dragon Age twitter last week. Curious...

Back in June, there was a rumored survey leak regarding the Qunari in a quoted "last adventure with your team to confront the one who started it all". While the leak was never confirmed, it was submitted by someone who's known for confirming both Dragon Age and Mass Effect rumors on NeoGAF. Regardless of its validity, the concern is whether this DLC is the last Inquisition DLC, especially if it is having a huge showing at PAX Prime in the main hall. If the Qunari are involved with this upcoming DLC, I think a very good question to ask yourself...did you do the right thing saving the Chargers? Or helping the Qunari? If not, fire up your copy of Inquisition because it's time to finish your perfect save.