Youtube Goes Bat-Shit Crazy, Changes to My Channel

To get an idea of what is going on, here’s a good breakdown of what’s going on:

Youtube’s system-wide reaping is demonetizing thousands of videos, including mine, with content ID claim matching. In most cases, these are by third party companies that don’t really have a rightful claim at all, but are automated and hit videos anyway. Every partnered Youtuber is affected by these changes and the issue is causing massive chaos for everyone; some of us are spending hours to reverse these changes for dozens of videos.

I’m in the middle of mine right now…


Because these changes not only apply to my past videos but current ones I’m uploading right now (in case you missed it, my uploaded video from two nights ago was wrongfully claimed…which I thankfully already reversed). As such, Bioware-driven content on my channel, including DA Talk’s, are postponed until Youtube settles its tits its copyright claim system. Most of my other videos set to release this month will continued as scheduled, including “Papers, Please” and my review on “Heroes of Dragon Age.”

Representatives from Machinima (the network I am partnered with) have stated that we will hear news on this in the next few days. Unfortunately, I am forced to hold my breath and wait until they or EA, who’ve I reached out to regarding the slew of claims on my Mass Effect vids, reply back to me. 

What can I advise that you do now? Follow my Twitch channel at I’ve already stated I am to stream more in 2014, but with these changes, I may start stream way sooner.

Thank you all who watch my videos and who are subscribed! I hope these changes to Youtube won’t inhibit my ability to create videos. Excuse me while I return to disputing each individual claim in my inbox.