Quick word on "Microsoft/EA/Your Mother" YouTube Advertising Situation

It’s getting way out of hand and pretty ridiculous.

Let me start by saying I have plans to converse about this in a video today or tomorrow. Not exactly sure as I’m flying to San Francisco today, but this whole debacle is driving me insane and I want to comment on it before more eyes Leer at my channel.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/01/stealth-marketing-microsoft-paying-youtubers-for-xbox-one-mentions/

For the past few days, I’ve been watching Youtubers, some I know and some I haven’t a clue, get persecuted over these campaigns. I will address it in the video, but here’s one thing I will point out: some channels are being harrassed for being liars about the hardware and games they endorse, including videos involving companies like Microsoft and EA.

Yup, that mentality may call my channel into question as well, as a majority of my content is Bioware-related. And in light of that, I’m here to quickly clear up a couple things.

1) I do not work with EA or Bioware, nor have I done any campaigns with them in the past. I don’t receive a dime from them for my videos - I make my videos because I genuinely love Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

2) The other day, I was accused for getting paid to speak positively about Heroes of Dragon Age. Did I get paid to make that video? NO. Never talked nor worked with anyone from that developer. I reviewed it because it was Dragon Age and wanted to give a clean, clear opinion of the game.

3) Whenever I receive any monetary bonus or free review code for a video I make, and admittedly there are only a numbered few across my 200+ videos, I state it in the description. Every single god damn time. That being said, every single one still holds an honest opinion. I’m fair with my videos because there’s no way I’d make my subscribers play an awful game.

So, for those who’ve called my videos and my opinion into question? Stop. I make Youtube videos because I enjoy these games and am happy to share with others. If you can’t appreciate that, go shove your head in a bucket.

Video will come out soon. Stay classy, Internet.