A while ago I saw this trending topic on Twitter. Didn’t get to post then, but using this time to do it now.

When I was a kid, I didn’t have mentors. Most of what I did revolved around what my parents and their friends wanted. What they expected: get good grades, take AP classes, go to piano lessons, be prim and proper, become a doctor. Often, my parents dragged me to Filipino parties to be a walking showcase of their pride. If I messed up, I’d be chided for not following the example of <insert other Filipino girl my age’s name>. But most cases, I accepted it. I had little motivations to make an alternative course; I sat alone in auto-drive for most of my childhood.

Perhaps my past reflects why I don’t look up to others. Most of my time existed in solitude, amongst the pages of books or cinematic video games. I was too eerily content with my life. Back then, video games were only in my life as a replacement for not having siblings. Or in some cases, friends. Only after I saw how much others enjoyed video games as I did, across Newgrounds (my first internet site of choice) and Neoseeker, did I consider involving myself in the video game industry.

I don’t know what I want yet out of eSports. Of designing video games or machinima. I like to dabble in the possibilities, and the extent of what skills I can potentially offer. Suppose what inspires me is the thought of what I can shape myself into.

After the jump are a few of my favorite videos - the ones that inspire me. The ones that I remember when I want to make something of myself. Or, at least the ones that have really nice taste.

Heh heh.



XboxAhoy - “You ain’t Grizz, baby”


Wanderers of Thedas