This Week’s Videos and Jazz - September 15-21

To Parents Buying GTA:V For Their Kids (Monday, blog post)
A friendly request for parents who decide to buy the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game this fateful Tuesday, September 17. 

DA Talk (Wednesday)
A conversation about Morrigan’s Old God baby from Origins moving into Inquisition, the idea of resolution with the Mage/Templar conflict, and viewer comments. Viewer comments everywhere.

DA2: The Perfect Save (Friday)
Just another ditzy tale of a girl, playing as a man, loving a woman. Continuation of my Let’s Play series - originally dedicated to creating the perfect save for the transition to Inquisition, but now a fun excuse to prepare for the upcoming Extra-Life charity stream on November 2.

Dragon Age Podcast: Geekquisition (Saturday)
I will be a guest on “Geekquisition,” a Dragon Age podcast hosted by @ScottishWarrior92, @AbilityDrain and @gamermd83. We’ll be chatting about Asunder, Inquisition and many other awesome DA topics! Join us at the stream on Saturday:

Videos will be up on my channel! Subscribe to see them first. See you soon :)