Video Upload Update


Thursday Night/Friday Morning (9/6): Extensive PAX Prime Breakdown

After going to almost all the Bioware panels at PAX, reading every gaming news source interview and podcast, and bothering one of the devs with my own question…why not? I’ll be breaking down info from PAX Prime in the most easy-to-listen video I can think of.


Tuesday (9/10): Personal thoughts on Inquisition 

A candid take on Inquisition and the latest news thus far. Stepping back from the hype and excitement of Inquisition news in order to look at the grand scope of how this game is shaping up so far and how to look forward at the progression of next-gen RPGs.


Thursday (9/12): Perfect Save #11

According to the comments, I’m apparently a ditz. I can’t help I play DA2 with the excitement of a Bengal tiger…high off tranquilizers and incapable of procuring a stable thought.

So, on with the show!

Videos will be uploaded on my Youtube channel! Thanks for being here.