Vid/Machinima Self-Critique #1

When I was taking Production classes, one of the things they made us do was look at our films and critique them after we showed them to an audience. I want to follow suit for all the future machinima I end up making, so that I can hopefully get better.

Vid: Mass Effect 3: Galactic Love DLC

1. I suck at facial expressions and need to learn them. Seriously, have you noticed how bad I am with them? The subtle smile…the forlorn longing…THE ANGRY EYEBROWS!? Jeez, I think I need to take an art class.

2. Consistency, consistency, consistency. No seriously, I lack it. The fading bugged me after I realized I didn’t pay close attention to it. OH ASHLEY, what did you learn from film school about post-production? NOTHING, OBVIOUSLY.

3. It was a dating sim vid. There weren’t enough tits. Wtf4srsbbq.