Transcript: How to Get Raven Rock House

Skyrim Guides: How to Buy a House - Severin Manor, by Ashe/Ladyinsanity. Dragonborn DLC.

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Welcome to How to Buy A House: Severin Manor, the liveable property in Raven Rock, Solstheim. The property is located on the edge of town. A lavish underground featuring a home-away-from-Skyrim for any adventuring Dragonborn.

The house consists of a grand sub-level and an entry-way kitchen.

The kitchen offers a cooking pot, an assortment of vegetables and food barrels for storage.

Down the stairs to the left is a garden with a secondary bed set. The room grows Ash Yams and Scathecraws and features a few choice sweets and drinks in the room.

Next door is the Alchemy Laboratory. This set consists of the alchemy table, a book shelf coupled with two stacks of various potions and ingredients on both sides.

Facing from the opposite side is the Enchanting Laboratory. The room offers an enchantment table, followed by 9 different weapon and shield racks. A few lesser to common soul gems are on the side table.

The next room is the workshop, offering everything for the blacksmith and crafter. On the right, The room has practice dummies, a Smelter, and a Forge. On the left, a workbench, grinder and tanning rack. Storage barrels and a weapon rack are also located in the center of the room.

The final and most important room is the Master Bedroom, located in the back of the house. The front of the room offers four mannequins coupled with weapon racks on each side. To the left is a safe, two chests and a bookcase. To the right are three display cases. And in the center is the bed, decorated with a weapon and shield stand at top with a chest at the foot of the bed.

Severin Manor is not for sale, but is a reward given by Councilor Lleril Morvayn after completing the quest Served Cold. The quest Served Cold will start when the Dragonborn is approached by second Councilor Adril Arano. The quest will ask to eliminate the threat against Councilor Morvayn. The quest Served Cold is not readily available at the beginning. If you complete previous tasks of helping return Cindiri’s Folio as well as the quest “March of the Dead” with Captain Veleth. The miscellaneous quest Cindiri’s Folio can be started by going to the Manor in the middle of town and talking to Cindiri about retrieving her book. March of the Dead starts by going south of Raven Rock to the Old Attius farm off the coast. 

Having both of these quests finished, as well as the main quest, will improve your chances greatly of the second Councilor approaching you.
Only by completing Served Cold will Councilor Morvayne give you the house. Free of charge.

And that is Severin Manor: hope this guide was helpful to you. If you need help with gaining this house or would like to leave a suggestion, post a response in the box below. Happy gaming!