Hello I’m Ashe, and welcome to an in-depth breakdown of Dragon Age 3 - an overview of what the devs have told us since the announcement leading up to its anticipated showcase at E3 in June. Let’s get started.


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition will be made by Bioware and published by EA. DA3 will be one of the first games to showcase the new Frostbite 3 engine, in addition to Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and the next Mass Effect. The new game is quote “stunningly beautiful”, offering “a more expansive world, better visuals, more reactivity to player choices, and more customization”. All these things are great improvements based on the feedback from DA2. 

More on the engine and customization, hints have circulated regarding Frostbite 3’s engine and its usage for the modding community. While DA2 did not opt for a toolset featured similarly in Origins, a toolset for Dragon Age or perhaps Frostbite itself has been subtly mentioned. At the Bioware panel at PAX East of this year, the devs mentioned their love for the modding community and their willingness to make modding easier if they can.

Back to Dragon Age 3.


DA3 starts about the present age of Dragon, year 40. Leading up to this time is the Mage-Templar War, set into motion by Anders at the end of Dragon Age 2 during year 37. In the 3 years time between Anders destroying Kirkwall’s Chantry and Varric interrogated by Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast, the following events occurred:

  • In the year of 38, the Orlesian Civil War brews between Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons and Empress Celene.
  • While unrest swelled in Orlais, the cure for Tranquility was found at the Abyssal Reach. But that small hope for mages stood idle, due to
  • In year 40, after the news of an elven rebellion in Halamshiral, the Empress is called out of Val Royeaux. A rebellion similar to the Circle at Kirkwall happens at the White Spire, a Circle Tower in Orlais. The events conspiring at the Tower lead Lord Seeker Lambert to not only announce the fall of the Circle of Magi, but the nullification of the Nevarran Accord. This act destroys the bond of both Seekers and Templars serving the Chantry. 
  • What’s left now is is Leliana and Cassandra’s attempts to find Hawke, acting under the authority of the Divine

What we do know: Civil War is tearing Orlais apart. Mages and templars are at each other’s throats. Both the Warden-Commander and Hawke are missing. This is the world where Dragon Age 3 will take us. 


The protagonist of DA3? We know little. It’s more of what we know is not true. Bioware devs announced at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo that the character is Human…either female or male…and will have control of an entire castle in an unknown location. The character is not an Amell, nor is required to follow the Chantry or believe in the Maker. Your character’s background is up to you; not in the same capacity as living out the Origin story like the first Dragon Age game but more familiar to Mass Effect’s character background.

Very few characters have been confirmed so far. Here are the confirmed:

  • Cullen was accidentally revealed by his voice actor Greg Ellis, taking a picture of his voice capturing station and posting it on Twitter last year. 
  • Flemeth was strongly hinted by Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director of the DA series. Though, to be honest, her appearance as well as Morrigan’s are to be expected with the current Mage-Templar War. 
  • Sandal and Bodahn most likely will be appearing in DA3 as they moved to Orlais after Empress Celene requested them in year 37. With her disappearance in year 40, we question what they’ll be doing.

If I had to make predictions based on the lore…these are prospective companions:

  • Knight-Captain Evangeline de Brassard. In Dragon Age: Asunder, Wynne, one of the heroes of the Fifth Blight and well known companion from the first game, Wynne sacrifices herself by transferring the Spirit inside her to Evangeline. Considering Dragon Age’s unhealthy obsession with spirits and abominations, from Wynne and her spirit to Anders and Justice, she may play a role in the next game. 
  • Charade - Hawke’s cousin. Skilled archer and, well, blood related to Hawke, her character may be used as she has the closest relations to the Champion besides either Bethany or Carver. 
  • Cullen - Pretty obvious, the devs were surprised at the positive response to his character through Dragon Age 1 and 2. Given his last appearance, defying Knight-Commander Meredith and possibly the next in charge, we may see more of him serving as Templar or otherwise.
  • Cassandra Pentaghast could fit as a companion. Her involvement with the Seekers, as well as her presence in DA2 and Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker cannot be forgotten. Whether any of these characters are in the final game are to be determined, but surely we will see some of these characters make some appearance in the next installment.


If you want to catch up on what will likely preface Dragon Age 3, I highly suggest David Gaider’s book Dragon Age: Asunder, which includes the Mage-Templar conflict, more specifically the White Spire incident and the nullification of the Nevarran Accord. I also suggest the latest hardcover Dragon Age: World of Thedas, volume 1. Links to both books are in the description.

That’s the long and short of it! Thank you for watching - I’ll be back with more information on Dragon Age 3 and the next Mass Effect from E3 in two weeks. See you in Los Angeles.


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(Note: Not all statements are guaranteed to be correct. This commentary is speculative - in no way has this video been approved, endorsed or verified by Bioware or Electronic Arts.)