Hello, I’m Ashe and the Dragon Age 3: Inquisition’s trailer “The Fires Above” was formally announced and shown at the EA Conference.

Before we get to the breakdown, here are the quick facts. Fall 2014. That’s right - fall. Completely pushed back.

The protagonist will not only make choices, but those choices will change the environment around them. The trailer was NOT CG - everything was actual in-game content. Also, according to Mike Laidlaw, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be on PC, XBox360, PS3, PS4 and XBox One.

Save file importing has not yet been fleshed out, as the developers are looking to bridge a helpful import system for newcomers as well as seasoned players. One possibility is that they take after Mass Effect: Genesis’s import system, by illustrating all the major plot points for the player to choose from before the game starts.

In any case, Dragon Age 3. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, please click the annotation on the video or the link into the description that links you to Bioware’s official Dragon Age youtube.

Varric Tethras is back with Bianca, with a slightly new look. We can theorize that the Sixth Blight is coming - civilization and the Darkspawn are against each other again. 

This castle is currently unknown. And the Qunari’s are back in the game in a more sinister, deceptive roll judging by the narrator Morrigan’s tonality.

[Cassandra] pops into view with the map of “The Empire of Orlais”. We may see the character on the desk, seemingly a dwarf on the front of a book.

As they decide to strike open the gates of some fortress (Adamant Fortress), if you stop to pause, you realize it’s a Grey Warden fortress. The men killed at the front gate were dressed as Grey Wardens. Seekers attempting to kill the Orlesian Grey Wardens, several hundreds in fact within that location, is grim news of the state of Thedas. The Veil is ripped open to reveal not only new enemies, but a Dragon. A specific dragon coming out of the veil, which we can assume two things: is either the Archdemon, or more believably, based on the wings, its color and span, Flemeth.

Morrigan appears - well to do alive, in an unknown location. Whether she’s still in the portal, from the Iluvian or in another point in time and space, we know she is alive. And the child not present. We see a man from the sands struggle to get up and the video goes black.

There are many ways to speculate, especially based off the flags focusing attention on the nations and organizations involved. On the Dragon Age website, even the Hero’s allegiances are acknolwedged. The templars. The Seekers. The Circle of Magi. The Inquisition. Whether you are part of those groups or you took them over by force, I believe, is the definition of what this game is. Whether you quell the tides of fate or let it storm across.

In war, victory. The game looks to be a changing world based off your decisions. Blood spilt is your decision. And the conditions are up to you.