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Hello, I’m Ashe. Welcome to a quick, non-spoiler Skyrim guide for players about to buy the Dragonborn DLC for PC and PS3. Let’s get started.

Solstheim is the new region players can visit. In order to activate the DLC, you have two ways.

  1. Number one: Go to any of the cities and wait for Cultists to approach you. They will ask you if you are the Dragonborn. After disposing the cultists, loot the paper they carry and go to the docks in Windhelm. Find Gjalund Salt-Sage and either persuade, intimidate or bribe 500 gold in order to travel by boat.
  2. Or, if you don’t want to wait, the second way is to immediately go to the Windhelm Docks and pay 250 gold to Salt-Sage.

When you arrive, however, you will need to wait for the Cultists to find you there. Simply waiting in the wilderness will eventually spawn them towards you.

Also note: After this initial trip, you can fast-travel between Skyrim and Solstheim without paying a toll.

The main questing spots of this region are Raven Rock, Tel Mithryn and Skaal village. Raven Rock is the first town you encounter after leaving the boat, led by Councilor Morvayn. Tel Mithryn is on the south-east of the island, a mushroom home of Master Neloth of House Telvanni. Skaal Village is in the Northeast, led by Fanari Strong-Voice. You’ll encounter these three spots heavily throughout the main quest.

The new mineral Stalhrim is now available. Before starting the DLC, the only pre-requisite I suggest is having the Ebony smithing perk. This will allow you to mine Stalhrim. Talk to the Smith in Skaal Village, who will tell you how Stalhrim is mined. However, you’ll need to pickup a special Pickaxe - called the Ancient Nordic Pickaxe. You can gain one of these by finding a merchant who sells it, or by finding Raven Rock’s smith Glover Mallory. He’ll set you on a quest to retrieve a pickaxe from Crescius Caerellius in the mines.

If you’re in the Thieves Guild, you’ll like Mallory even more. He is involved with the Pickaxe quest, but if you do his recipe retrieval quest, he allows you into a secret guild room in the basement. There, you will find Guild armor, expensive items and a side quest item you can return to Skyrim.

Wondering about where you can put all your things? Raven Rock has a home that you can live in, after completing a series of quests. Click on the video or the link in the description to jump to my Raven Rock House guide that talks about all the features and quests related to Severin Manor.

There are no main quest spoilers to be had here, but it comes highly recommended to have a lot of bag space. Throughout the quests, you will encounter many books that you can read and pickup in the main quest.

Also, archers will find an easier time in this DLC, as range is more advantageous to melee in certain quests.. That’s the quick guide. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or click the link in the description for a faster reply.

Enjoy your time in Skyrim!