Thoughts on Flemeth and mage immortality


Game Informer’s new article about Morrigan got me to thinking - what about Flemeth? And now that Morrigan is on her own mission, what will happen to the shapeshifter? My thoughts of Flemeth and mage immortality, with many spoilers abound. 

Anytime I think about Flemeth, I think about the phrase that Yavana says…


This is what little we know about Flemeth taking over her daughters:

  1. She births one and takes over the daughter’s body once she’s of age
  2. The stronger the mage is, the easier it is to take over their body
  3. Flemeth is a very, very old woman

Thinking of Flemeth’s way of possession reminds me of a specific revenant (by definition, a revenant is a corpse possessed by a desire or pride demon). In DA:O, there’s a specific quest where you have to see a man named Vilhm Madon. In reality, its a demon named Gaxkang the Unbound who has been living as a human for an unknown time. It makes me think how much the original host or the demon have power and consciousness in the body. Flemeth seems rational enough to look human, but for so many years through possession, what personality stays the dominant one in that body? Or are they a blend of all souls and thoughts?

Do I think Flemeth is a revenant? No, but she’s an abomination for sure. Think of it this way - Anders and Justice would talk one in the same. They weren’t able to talk with each other, but their thoughts were just as one. Now, think of Flemeth and all her daughters for centuries on end. This may contribute to her floaty, wavering speech. Her constant need to talk in loops. Possibly insane, but nevertheless intelligent.

When Yavana says the possession is a gift, does she believe that she will be conscious? Or is it purely about the power that will be further embedded in Flemeth’s new skin? 

I don’t know whether this possession is the same magic that made the elves once “immortal”. I don’t know whether this means that, because Yavana is most likely dead and Morrigan is resilient, Flemeth’s time is at an end. I’m just poking at my alphabet soup, trying to get the letters to spell out something.