The Idea of a Female-Only League

Out of curiosity, I decided to read then respond to this post on the 360icons forum. Thinking back on it, I have never outwardly talked about the idea of a “female-only” tournament for MLG (besides a tweet here and there). I’ve participated in female-only tournaments in FPS games and Starcraft, sure. Always openly honest on the positives of participating in such an event. But never have I truly delved into the idea of an entire league separate from it.

Here were my posted thoughts on it…

Hm, this topic.

Alright, so before I say anything, I don’t agree with a Women’s League specifically for video games. I really don’t. Based on every study I’ve seen that has concluded no difference between females and their competency to perform versus males able to compete, there’s no clear justification. 

The only use that would make a Women’s League remotely justifiable is to showcase more females for the purpose gaining a broader exposure for females in gaming. It’s like how society has started to showcase female engineers - not because we want to put them on a platter and worship them, but because we desire more talent to become involved.

Two years or so ago, Sundance actually posed this exact question through the Frag Dolls. A lot of people said hell no. For good reason - there’s no need to separate them if they are able to compete on their own. But obviously, the social atmosphere is extremely daunting and intimidating. I started in 2007 and even after years of progress, it’s still highly intimidating to get involved. The advent of “pro hoes” “eGirls” leaves the idea of being a competitive gamer (or even being remotely involved with esports) little to be desired. But should we give an entire arena for new females to come compete in? So they feel more welcome? Weighing the risks of a PR fiasco and the advantages (or disadvantages, depending on how you look at it) of gaining more females…it’s a difficult endeavor tournament holders have thought up.

The only tournaments I believe actually have separated men/women leagues are EVO and ESWC. I’m not sure about the politics of why people don’t disparage those tournaments for what they do, but both women’s tournaments seem to have their own legitimacy. Even if these tournaments are at least “accepted” in their own respective leagues, I doubt MLG goers would ever accept a male/female league. Even with the possibility of other females getting involved because of said female leagues, it has too many negative undertones implicitly placed from the state of COD’s social community.”