Small Rant

Loud noises in reference to Dragon Age news incoming.

Recently, the Dragon Age wiki put up information that the Iron Bull was romanceable by both female and male. However, this is not necessarily the case, as Patrick Weekes came out saying that it is not confirmed at all and will be announced later down the line.


This just makes me want to kick something, because I can’t honestly name how many times people have tried correcting me and referenced the Dragon Age wiki. How many times people have referenced the Dragon Age wiki (or any other site) as the spoken word of the Maker. How many times arguments and bullshit have lit up by misinformation.

The Dragon Age wiki is maintained by fans. While most of it is right, there’s some information that slips through the cracks. 

Story time! When Masked Empire came out, I personally made an account to correct someone who specifically stated in some character entries that Briala made a deal with Gaspard to rival Celene - which was 100% FALSE and only conjecture from the first couple of chapters. After I fixed it, that person proceeded to overwrite what I said and RECORRECTED it with his misinformation.

I’m not always right. I’ve made mistakes on lore before, and have tried my damn earnest to rectify any misunderstandings (i.e like that fuckup nightmare during PAX East* that Gameranx got me into - it’s not fun to deal with!). But all in all, the people who actually know 100% what’s going on is Bioware.

What I’m trying to say is don’t take everything you read as gospel because your source might be wrong. Even the Wiki. Even me. Or anyone else.