Updates on my YT Channel

  • Last ME3 vid most likely will be my Citadel DLC review. If you want a specific scene covered (except Ashley’s*), please drop it in my Ask box.
  • Fulfilled requests depend on the nature of the vid and ease of capture. If it’s sitting on my HD, why not? I’ll post it.
  • Because I am competing at MLG Dallas (Black Ops 2), I will be halting Mass Effect coverage until…
  • PAX EAST! I will be in Boston from Monday-Monday. Not only covering Bioware’s Mass Effect panel, but also…
  • Dragon Age 3! At the end of the year, I’ll be covering that game as extensively as I have for ME3.

It’s been an awesome time capturing Mass Effect. Though I’m sad Commander Shepard’s journey is at an end, I seriously cannot WAIT until DA3 and Mass Effect 4 :)

Thank you to everyone who has subscribed to me. I appreciate everything and I will continue with more games and RPGs like Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls and more in the future.

(* - Ashley’s save file was glitched beyond repair; after 9 hours trying to fix it, I had to stop. Sorry I could not provide her scenes!)