"Reboot" Games


Earlier, a fellow gamer posted about the term “reboot” for new video games within a franchise. Lara Croft, Thief, etc. The summary? Using the term “reboot” for a game that is different than the original bastardizes the franchise. Not following the original game’s mechanics or quests is apparently an AAA developer’s attempt at trivalizing the original game.

Am I the only one who sits there and goes…thank god they don’t

An important lesson learned from titles like Call of Duty is that games suck when they act exactly like its predecessor. Mechanics, look, feel, and the overall experience becoming a spitting image of the old is suffocating. It’s boring. It’s outright lazy. Changing a few guns and slapping a 3 on the title forces me not to purchase. I already owned the first two.

Don’t get me wrong: HD remakes exist. However, reboots should not be lumped with remakes. Games (i.e Final Fantasy X) that re-release in HD are completely fine. Its purpose is to re-introduce and share the same experience with a newer generation of fans. Reboots share this goal, but with the intent of building on what made the original game so awesome in the first place.

A game should not be mere shadows of itself, but a new expression of its world. If a new game does not try and live as its own, then in my opinion, that is a bastardization of the game franchise.