Quick Tips for EA Access Players (SOME SMALL SPOILERS)

Some tips for those going into the 6 hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Spoiler Check:

  • Slight gameplay spoilers?
  • No main story spoilers
  • No pictures or videos
  • Where to find companions
  • Race differences

Race Differences - The game does note on your race. While this doesn’t entirely mean you’ll be treated entirely different from your companions, I do suggest playing as a Dalish mage and talking to Solas. Or human noble with Josephine.

Keep Bugging Them - The companions have more to talk about, beyond the cutscene you get at the beginning of talking to them one-on-one. Exhaust their conversation dialogues.

Companion Locations (without giving too much away) 

  • Cassandra, Varric, Solas* - Get them at the beginning
  • Vivienne - Orlais
  • Sera - Orlais
  • Iron Bull - Storm Coast. Technically Haven, as messenger speaks to you.
  • Dorian - Redcliffe Village
  • Blackwall - Hinterlands
  • Cole - Just follow the main Inquisitor quest. Technically Haven.

Don’t fight too many Templars and Mages in the Hinterlands if you can spare yourself. Run while you can, since you’re on time limit. Most packs are avoidable.

Get a Horse - Makes traveling faster and easier. I made a video on this that will give you the basics - Getting a Horse guide.