QQ: Call of Duty Players, or A Blog I Shouldn't Have to Make

Not Misanthrope, Just Want Peace

Personally, I stay detached from the Call of Duty community. For good reason: it’s a cesspool of bullshit.

Twitter, forums, and even public matches are unnecessarily stressful. For a game that promotes fun, Call of Duty gathers many pre-pubescent fans. Actually, change that.

The franchise holds many inconceivably angry souls.

Earlier last week, I received a small tweet from Vahn (Game Director for Black Ops 1 & 2) regarding a podcast I watched. I won’t digress into details, but look how many came to derail the conversation.


Facepalm and Many Questions

More tweets kept coming my way, including some that completely missed the point and started insulting me for my looks. (Great topic! Totally relevant to game mechanics T_T) The block button has been by my side the past few days; but before I slammed my mighty banhammer, one thing was clear: every ranter said how the game was awful. Despite continuing to play. And every tweet demanded reparations for their claims.

(Have I told you…the definition of insanity?)

What really gets me is because Twitter is such an open platform, thousands of people tweet the same exact concerns to Vahn and Treyarch. Daily. Yet despite the overwhelming capacity, they believe that one man has the capability to reply to every single person. That in the 24 hours of the day, what’s more important is talking straight to them instead of working on the problems at hand.

Do they honestly believe in that Treyarch doesn’t pay attention to them? That Treyarch has the time to reply to every individual? That they’re not working on fixes, bugs and glitches everyday? How do they rationalize name-calling while simultaneously making demands?

And why the hell are they piggybacking on one simple tweet Vahn made to me?

Fiction and Reality

I sense these players visualize Treyarch employees like this: on a sunny beach off Santa Monica, throwing their COD money into the ocean and surrounded by dancing military-suitedstrippers. Running RC-XDs and air drones into each other while laughing about fancy, stinky cheeses.

Here’s the thought I can’t get through their heads, the thought that makes more sense than their idle bickering and cries: that Treyarch studios is busting their ass everyday making Black Ops 2 the multi-faceted game everyone can enjoy. eSports, zombies, pub matches and all. 

No matter how many times I could express that, it’s impossible to debate with someone who believes only in their own experience. Are these views correct? They could be, but who can tell the difference between one analyzing their gameplay objectively versus one trapped in their hate? Too hard to discern.

When it comes down to it, I’d rather Treyarch be quiet and just focus on their work. Then, when it’s ready, come at us in full force.

I will always have a great respect for Vonderhaar. To deal with replies like this by the thousands and have children (and hell, even full grown men) behave like this is just awful. He and the studio bring fresh ideas to a long-standing AAA series yet get so much flak. Used to joke around about #InVahnWeTrust on Twitter, but I do seriously believe in the efforts Treyarch has and will make for Black Ops 2.

As a competitive player, zombies fan, and public S&D nerd, I feel my trust is well-placed.


Bunch of kids wouldn’t leave me alone on COD. They QQ’d about how awful the game is, despite still playing it themselves. I value Treyarch, who has made more strides for Call of Duty in Zombies, competitive gaming, and the overall experience that many fail to realize.