Lukas Kristjanson is the guy who wrote Sera.

I love their games but this senior writer had been consistently throwing gendered slurs and Evil Lesbian trope into dialogue since DA:O (Branka, Marjolaine, then Aveline, now Sera…)

Not everyone looks up which writerspecifically, is making bad calls, but I think it’s important to note that even though videogames are a team effort, we need to hold people responsible for letting this kind of stuff slide in the first place. I didn’t connect the dots myself until multiplicationdesks pointed it out that this was the same guy over, and over, and over again.

Just please take note. We need more checks and balances and women helping to write/writing our women in videogames. It’s not fair that we get these really awesome ladies only to be disappointed later by their (irredeemable) misogyny - among plenty of other things.

sheryl chee initially wrote marjolaine, jennifer hepler wrote branka

Oh, snap.