How does one simply E3?

My fifth E3.

Well, third…if you want to discount “E for All” and that mistake of an expo “E3 Media and Business Summit”. You’d think I know what to do at this point. Well, besides summarizing the highlights of the event, I don’t know what to tell you.

Video games?

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Oh ho, you know I would talk about this. You just KNOW I would. Well, you’re right. I like the shiny.

Bitches love their shiny.

Unfortunately, DAI was not to be seen at E3. Well, except the lovely EA Conference trailer and Aaron Flynn’s take on the next RPG. I guess I should have expected fall 2014, but is it so hard to want more lovin’ besides Varric’s chest hair on that Frostbite engine?

Here’s to waiting for the next Sprint Review Day. I’ll be at Gamescom and PAX Prime later this year, as well. Let’s hope I have more luck with my contacts instead of hiding more in the dark, fumbling against the shadows of whispers and foreshadowing.

Uh, you didn’t catch that last part? Good. Enchantment.


Battlefield 4

Now, I’m not one for Battlefield. Usually. My pick of FPS favorites usually lies in Call of Duty. To a lesser extent, SOCOM. To an even lesser extent…wait, I don’t have one. WELL, let’s just put it this way: I had a lot of fun with Battlefield 4.

As an asshole sniper who sits in the back and picks off people swimming across the river.

Thank you to the staff of the Battlefield 4 area, however. Rxy (my teammate) and I did manage to do an interview regarding the upcoming title. Though I don’t know the logistics of our interview’s availability, I do have to say how interesting it was to play and experience it.


Fable HD Remake

"The hell, Ashley? I thought you were going to talk about NEW games!?" Well, my good friend…shut up.

Not many people know this, but I played Fable 2 and 3 with a mad fury. 400 hours invested and a big-ass save file to prove it. But obviously, when you don’t have any context to what the world is, you tend to stay detached from the lore. That is why I’m so excited about the Fable remake.

Rxy and I spoke to the lead designer while playing the remake. It’s gorgeous on its own merits, albeit the frame rate lag it was having due to its alpha (or the fact that it was running off a Windows 7 box instead of a Xbone dev kit, but that’s another story). There’s something elegant about the first Fable. Besides the graphics totally re-hauled and the fresh environment, I felt my money leave my pocket. They may have it once it comes out this holiday.


The Last of Us



As a competitive gamer, this breaks my heart. IT LOOKS SO GOOD that I’m setting myself up for disappointment. The game has a certain fury to itself, beyond the average shooter. The graphics are painstakingly beautiful, the grapple hooks and mechs look absolutely darling…did I mention that the game looks SICK?

At the event, I was in so much heartache over the VIPs only able to demo the game. Alas, I shall wait for a working demo. Give me that PC version, boi. I’ll wreck that.


Elder Scrolls Online

Now, I’m cheating a bit here. I played it at PAX East at the Tamriel Beer Garden. Despite seeing only a wittle bit more at E3, I think I have a fair point to come across here.

Give. Me. This. Game. NOW.

I’m looking forward to the projections that PvE raiding may be a thing. As a person who was a main-raider for most of her WoW life, rivaling most of the warlocks on the server with unconventional gameplay tactics and yelling at the stupidity of her…lesser…counterparts, I hope DEARLY for PvE to be a thing.

Hell, let me make a guild. I will lead everyone to victory and stream it all for the underlings to bow at our feet. ALL. HAIL. BRITANNIA!

*cough Code Geass joke cough*

Nvidia Shield

Now, I’ll admit. I had access to the Shield prior to this event. So, I’m spoiled. But I’ll give a try with some fresh eyes.

The Shield plays so well, it’s shocking. I sold my Nintendo DSi and the lot of my mobile gaming peripherals. But the Shield? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this will be my new friend. For legitimate gaming? No, sweet thing. For the emulators. But, of course, you never heard such a thing from me.


That’s it? No, dear.

Throughout E3, I did see many other things on the floor. COD: Ghosts looks beautiful. Frostbite’s new engine makes me squirm with delight for the next series of EA titles. Witcher 3 makes this girl HAPPY and ready to rock for the holiday season. Command and Conquer’s demo was hilariously fun (although more hilarious because I’m awful at it).

While I could write more, dare I not continue as to avoid sounding like an incoherent, babbling idiot.

Games were had and I still have an entire E3 video to be done. You may have my opinions there, but these views are my relevant interests. Whether I choose the PS4 or Xbone? I’ll get to it at a pre-designated time in the future. Do I think Nintendo is done for? Perhaps. Am I excited about <insert mobile console here>? Meh.

I wanted to talk about the games. And I did. Dem games, baby. Dem games.