Post Extra-Life Summary

Hey everybody :)

Want to start by saying THANK YOU to those who donated to Extra-Life/Childrens’ Miracle Network. Raised a wonderful $240 - not bad at all for a first year! I really appreciate those who came out to the stream and played. DA2 was really fun to experience with others and GTA:O, Cards Against Humanity, and Smite was hilariously awesome fun.

I have to apologize for not continuing the stream for the 25 hours. Events I cannot divulge have placed the stream impossible to continue, but if you still like to donate, you can contribute to the Childrens’ Network here: or watch my teammate Rxy stream for her remaining 25 hours at

Thank you to those who came out. I will stream again for Extra-life and charity on N7 Day (November 7) with a pure day of Mass Effect 3: Multiplayer (and that giveaway I promised for this stream).

I will be dropping codes over twitter tomorrow at, that range from games like Mirror’s Edge to in-game codes for Smite.

<3 Ashe