PAX Prime Pass - Can I buy from you?

A bit embarrassing for me to do this in this fashion, but figured worth the shot. 

Looking to buy any pass (preferably 4-Day but will take what I can get) for PAX Prime. Yes, PAX Prime. I know it’s next week. The company and original pass for PAX fell through way last minute (I had already bought my own hotel and airfare), and I’ve been struggling to find a solid and trustworthy venue to get a pass.

Many of you within the Dragon Age-sphere know I usually spent the entire time at conventions (especially PAX) writing updates from the Panels. Like…all of these:

These are only a few of what I’ve written and published through video. All in all, what I mean to say is please help out if you know someone who can help! I really want to write again and share with you all everything on Dragon Age. 

So, if you have an extra pass or know someone with a pass for sale, please let me know as soon as possible! With PAX rapidly coming up, I’m in a hell of a spot and I hope someone can help.


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  • Email:
  • [Edit: Or provide your e-mail and I’ll contact you back]

(If you’re curious, yes - I did apply for a media badge. I was denied a couple months ago. Not enough YT subscribers… >.<)