On Speculation in my videos...

I took the time to read through comments and feedback over my Dragon Age videos. A lot of things were really helpful and I am integrating into future videos, but I do have to note on opinions regarding my speculation.

In my Dragon Age Inquisition videos, I try not to speculate on the game and its story too much. While I try to analyze and interpret different things within concept art, developer comments, and gameplay footage we have our hands on, I strongly believe that the worst thing you can do is to over-hype yourself into one thought…only to be disappointed when the game you play is entirely different.

Much of what I have previously commented is the importance of Dragon blood, Sandal’s prophecy, the Old God baby’s role, and other very prominent plot points in the game. I do not want to lead my subscribers into my thoughts on each plausibility for DAI - I could be wrong or way off the grid.

I only hope to give you ideas to reflect upon when you draw your own conclusions. In the end, it’s all speculation until Fall.