On Sending Me Theories About Dragon Age's New Trailer

Don’t do it. I’m not going to read it anytime soon. 

I don’t want to put it in this light, but I think it’s important to state because people are starting to link me their thoughts (and last time, people sent me “dissertations” of their theories in ridiculous quantities). 

Why am I doing this? Here’s the main reason why:

Some people are suggesting them so they can be put in my videos. Let me say that every bit of speculation in my videos is my own speculation. Every bit of research is my own research. While I appreciate those who are trying to share their own thoughts (cause hell, sharing is fun normally), there are others who are deliberately…

  1. Try to get their theories into my videos so they can get “exposure” (verbatim from a message I’ve received) and
  2. Giving me their theories so, even if I never read them, they can call me out on “using” their theories or being able to say “I gave you that idea!” if I said something similar or whatnot down the line

This situation exists. And I am normally quiet about the ones who have tried to do this to me. But right now, I’m putting my foot down and saying that I can’t allow that to happen.

Look. I do speculation in a vacuum. Tonight’s stream with MD, Ability, Nick, and Scottish was a one-off where I had people with me while dissecting the trailer. But all other times? No. That’s all me. And to preserve what I have with my content, I am keeping it that way.

So please note that I will not read your theories. Please share them with those of r/DragonAge or on the Bioware forums. Discussion is great but I cannot hear tens of dozens of your own thoughts all at the same time. I am one person and I have to preserve what sanity I have with the thoughts in my own head.