On Re-Posting News Articles and Original Content

I’ve noticed quite an increase in blogs copy/pasting entire articles from other journalist sites (and in a more relevant example, Dragon Age’s website itself) and sending them through their Tumblr/blog/etc. To me, this feels like such a dick move.

We should support the original content creators and not wildly take all their content for one’s own benefit.

How? Two steps:

  1. Start sourcing material
  2. Stop ripping full articles and use excerpts, leading to the original content creator

It’s been a thought of mine for quite some time to talk about this, ever since so many different Dragon Age blogs have started aggregating news from different sources. It’s totally cool to create an aggregate hub; it is pretty awful to rip that content in its entirety and stifle the person who originally made it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with sharing other people’s writing. Or fanart. Or videos. It’s pretty cool that you’re willing to share. Tumblr (and the internet as a whole) is awesome at sharing things at the speed of light and providing an awesome dialogue for those within a community.

But if you’re taking word-for-word everything that person or site’s saying and hosting it on your own site, drawing away from the people who actually created the content in the first place? That’s low. The person who put that effort into writing something, creating something…hell, in some cases doing their job, gets nothing. Lost views, lost ad-revenue, and lost opportunities.

This isn’t me calling a specific person out. It’s calling out a lot of people. Including myself. 

We should all support the original content creators. We can do that so easily while implementing our own input at the same time. It’s not a hassle to attribute to the writers, artists, and editors who put forth the effort to create. It’s rather simple. Providing an excerpt and linking to the original source is a good thing. A good deed. Or spreading the direct link - that’s great, too. No one should profit from ripping the hard efforts of others.

TL;DR Don’t copy/pasta. Please source. Please attribute. That’s all.