On Playersexual (Dragon Age)

Had a whole thing written out, but it’s one of those nights where anything I write won’t make too much sense.

So, here’s as much of a TL;DR as I can write. Here’s my two cents:

For me, I feel romance in a game is turned too much into a mechanic than a story. DA2 definitely felt this way to me, as I ended up romancing Anders, Fenris, and Isabela without a moments thought, only to hate myself a bit afterwards. Romances are to be experienced, not (in my opinion) subjects of conquest. Story is what drives Dragon Age. Characters are what drive Dragon Age. It’s okay for a character to be bisexual, but it should also be okay for a character to be straight or gay, too.

Why can’t we have characters that have a preference? To trivialize identity for the sake of the player sticking their dick/ladylips in and around every character I feel is disgracing romance and (in general) storytelling. I’m happy with getting rid of playersexual content because my sense of it being “realistic” is that it makes sense in the universe.

Morrigan’s history with men and loathing them fit with her romantic path and her ability to grow to love. Leliana was bisexual and her past with Marjolaine and being a bard explained her breaking her walls and finding herself. Garrus Vakarian was straight but didn’t think of humans as attractive, but the romantic story arc built on his camaraderie with Shepard that allowed that love to nurture and become real.

Let the companions be their own individual. That way, we can see them be organic to the environment they exist in. So many of us strive to be inclusive. Why can’t we be inclusive for our characters, too?