On Bringing Them Back


Since it’s perennially controversial among fans, I’m curious about what kind of process goes into deciding which, if any, characters to bring back from one game to the next? Are there story arcs that have included them all along? Or are there new gaps in the narrative that can sort of get filled by ‘oh THEM? a-ha!’ characters that maybe weren’t part of the initial plan but have applicable built-in development? — missl0nelyhearts

I don’t know if bringing back characters from a previous game is something I’ve been involved in frequently enough to talk about there being a common rule regarding them. Other than the party members brought forward into Baldur’s Gate 2 (a decision which was made before I started on the project), there’s only been Oghren in DAO: Awakening and Anders in DA2. Perhaps Leliana and some of the other DAO cast fit into this category as well, though I would consider them more cameos than actually “brought back”. So, really, it’s something that’s— so far— been done purely on a case-by-case basis.

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This whole thing just reiterates the pathways in my brain that Leliana took in some spirit when she died. And it bothers me fully cause I don’t know whether that’s true or not yet. Let’s make it even more crazy that she’s the reincarnation of Andraste and that’s why she had her vision. Or what have you.