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Hello, my name is Ashe. Hope you’re enjoying the last week before the holidays. But forget pleasantries, acquire Inquisition.

Mark Darrah, Bioware’s executive producer for the Dragon Age franchise, released an update on Dragon Age: Inquisition. You can read it on, or you can stay and listen for a while as I give you the rundown of all info and speculation that accompanied this update. Let’s get started.

The main storyline for Dragon Age is playable from beginning to end. PAX Prime’s 30 minute snippet of gameplay is just a taste of what’s to come. With the main part of Inquisition out of the way, Bioware’s now capable of scaling properly for a timely release next Fall. If you live locally in Edmonton and are looking for a job, Electronic Arts and Bioware are still looking for temporary, full-time QA Testers. The position most likely is for Inquisition, so if you’re a responsible sort capable of delivering great feedback, have a careful look at the EA Careers page in the links of this video’s description. NDA’s and all that jazz.

Bioware is also working on Voice Overs for quoted “large parts of the game”. The only voices wholly revealed for the game are actors for the male Inquisitor, Morrigan, Varric, Cassandra, and Vivienne. Cullen, too, if you include Greg Ellis’s 2012 leak of his voice over session. Music is also in the works.

Different art and in-game renders were revealed in the post. Here’s a runthrough of everything so far; however, a quick reminder that all of the following is pre-alpha work. None of this content is guaranteed to be part of the finished product.

Picture one includes an assortment of armors, specifically for the Inquisition faction, based on the logo. These include variations for both males and females. Considering the armor available, the front two on the right are for male and female warriors, based on the shoulder pads. The front left is rogue armor, as its arms and wrists are protected but noticeably less metal guards. The back row has armor for mages, as well as what seems to be a cut off of Qunari armor in the back of the row, based on the design of its neck. Most likely Saarebas. Speculating a little bit more, the front armors have hearts adorned on the shoulder pads. I like to imagine these are from Orlesian influence, similar to the little adornments across the bulk of Morrigan’s Inquisition dress.

In the next picture, we see a model of a male Elf that has a style…almost Ferelden-like, given the fox fur wrapping across the torso and the strewn, slightly tattered travel garb. But the most poignant detail is the Elven model, which shows a good mix of Origin’s elven ears as well as a relaxed combination of DA2 and Origins’ Elven face. 

Next are two forest pictures from the game, displaying the in-game beauty of Frostbite’s engine. However, this forest something we’ve seen before. Not fully, but part of the concept art we’ve seen with the statues in the background.

Next, we see our first Qunari model for the Inquisitor. With war paint! And slight stubble. It seems the paint styling is more tribal in comparison to what we’ve seen with Dalish tattoos. Just like the Tal-Vashoth and Qunari of DA2, albeit with more color. Noticeably, it may be that different parts of face paint are changeable, as the beard for the left and right stay the same whereas the upper face has a different pattern. Horns, or lack thereof, have yet to be addressed; only the fact that your character can have this type of horns.

The dead bodies seem familiar to what we saw after Crestwood village burning down in the PAX Prime gameplay. These most likely are not living corpses, which we have fought previously in the past two games.

The following scene is definitely from Orlais. The back portraits have Empress Celene’s face on them, and the embellishments on the tables and walls indicate Orlesian culture. While we don’t know why so much of the furniture is tossed about the dining hall, we may see the reasoning behind it in the future.

I may very well be wrong, but this looks like a deserted base that the Inquisition may be able to take over. Well-constructed hall with wood and stone, so possibly not a prison. Barrels, bags, and supplies are across the floor. The room also has a grated skylight. It may be untidy, but it seems liveable.

Finally, the village. What some speculate to be part of Redcliffe Village, these pictures showcase the gradual changes to build and enhance the villages into a natural environment. If I have to note something, I will say its strange how this area isn’t affected by the Veil. The text listed even describes the location with “a cool, wet atmosphere with a pale, grey sky”. I’m curious whether the Inquisition will cross villages both isolated and ignorant of the Veil rifts across different parts of Thedas.

We’ll remain unknowing, as that’s all Bioware shares in this post.

Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out Fall 2014, with Dragon Age Keep beta sending out invites very soon. All the best to everyone this holiday season. Hope you enjoyed this video, like and favorite if you enjoyed hearing more Inquisition news before the new year. Take care everyone, I’ll be back with more Dragon Age news in 2014.