A Note on my YT Channel

My Youtube tends to confuse a lot of people. Let me clear stuff up.

I like different games for a lot of reasons. Sometimes its because I compete in them. Others, because of the narrative. Few games grab my attention so dearly that I just have to upload them.

I like to help people. Guides are my way of doing so. Same with silent playthroughs - I know people don’t like to hear a Let’s Player spout nonsense over the story. The occasional stream, as well.

Machinima is usually a break from complacency. I come up with ideas at times and when its truly compelling, I’ll decide to make a mini-film over it.

In any case, I upload what I think will be entertaining or informative. Even if it has barely any viewership - what matters is that I completed it and those 10, 100, or even 10,000 viewers appreciated it. 

So, feel free to subscribe if you fancy whatever I do. I’ll still be here.