My Quick Question: Magic and the Veil

So, it’s my last day in PAX. I am in the middle of collecting and sorting my chickenscratch notes from Sunday/Monday panels. While I review them, I thought I’d note on something I quickly chatted about with Cameron Lee, producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


My original question was on the progression of magic within Inquisition. After observing magic after the Veil tearing, such as Vivienne’s teleporting and the ability of agents to pick up a Tevinter artifact that is supposed to increases/improves magic, I wanted to know how magic is affected in the next game.

Because magic and the veil are so intertwined, we will see a lot of changes in magic directly affected by the Veil. “Improvement to the elements of used magic” is how I phrased it, in which Cameron Lee softly nodded. Personally, I’m not sure how strong the Veil will affect magic when you’re close or further away. But now, I just see more advantages to playing a mage.

Moving past the answer, I think something of note is the Tevinter artifact in the comic series “Dragon Age: Until We Sleep” that is used to enter and expose the Fade to all those in its range. This plugged the idea in my head that if a Tevinter artifact or some super weapon were to be found and used by the Inquisition, magic becomes a bigger threat beyond comprehension. Not by just the main antagonist, but the Inquisitor. The struggle for power would cease to exist - the Inquisition will reign unchallenged.

(If you’re also curious, Agents are still being worked out presently. Their role and influences within Thedas will be announced when they’re fleshed out.)

So, thank you to Cameron Lee who answered my questions (and ratted me out on the “Meet the Devs” panel…) I’ll have the panel breakdowns by morning. If you want to hear the panels yourself, NerdAppropriate recorded all the panels and are uploading them (I believe) next week.

Videos will be up later this week on everything PAX: Youtube/Ladyxinsanity

Take care guys and gals! See ya’ll soon.