My Inquisitor: Cyndarra Trevelyan (1 of 3)

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Cyndarra “Cyn” Trevelyan

On the surface? An eloquent, fashionable neat-freak who does what mommy and daddy tell her. Out of public eye? A real kicker at the bar and in the sheets. 

"Bored" is the perfect term to embody Cyn Trevelyan, with eyes dulled grey across a canvas of pale skin and black hair. Lips often pursed and eyes shifted, no matter how much her makeup tries to tell another story. While family forces to play nice with the Chantry and all of its religious tirades, she spends nights playing to her own tune. In Cyn’s opinion, after one too many fancy farces at the behest of Ostwick’s finest, one must keep themselves loose…otherwise drive self into madness.

Training and trysts are the only two things to keep her palate satiated. While exceptional with daggers, she struggles to build in archery and potion-making. Never keeping her mind at rest, she exhausts herself to peak in mind…and body. But, of course, the latter only with a discretion stretching the limits of what a noble is allotted. If not for the physical things to pulsate life through her, she’d languish her existence like her cousins who’ve sanctified their loins in the Chantry’s basin.

She would rather let the demons have her first.

While Cyn tries to do what is best for the good of all-kind, her selfishness and ambition continuously sway her path to complete goals in her own fashion. To her own pleasure. For her own satisfaction. Travelling to the Chantry’s conclave to broker peace between templars and mages, Cyn finally chances on the opportunity to join the chaos that will disrupt the daily grind. Whether she will use her freedom to manifest the change she desires, or idle in the complacency of the Trevelyan name, is left to be seen.

- A brief description of Inquisitor Cyndarra “Cyn” Trevelyan, one of my lead canon PC’s for Dragon Age: Inquisition

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