What has been going on with DA Fans here on Tumblr, the BioWare Forum and other social media outlets makes me deeply sad. This whole mess is over a fictional character that (those who have read Asunder) we really only just met and barely got to know. Cole’s whole character was and still is a mystery.

So, like I do so very often, I ask the my fellow BioWare/Dragon Age fans to please step back and breathe. Take some time to read and digest what Patrick Weekes has to say on the matter, and if you haven’t already, go pick yourself up a copy of Asunder and meet Cole for yourself.

(SOURCE: https://twitter.com/patrickweekes/status/481845396411789312)

Can I also add onto this to be kind and not attack developers and not to shove a million questions to the devs over twitter and other social media regarding Inquisition? I know I’ve mentioned it before, but there are some fans I’ve noticed who are JUST FREAKING PUSHY lately and it’s really disappointing to see that in action. The devs are making the game! Some don’t have the time (or the permission) to divulge every lingering detail. Wait until the game.

If you DO have a question, ask nicely. But (yes, I’m going to throw this disgusting word out there) don’t feel entitled to an answer just because you feel the devs have to answer right now versus when the game actually comes out. I linger in the shadows more than I should and see this particular instance happen a lot. Be kind. Be courteous. Don’t be that asshole that bombards with questions that will undoubtedly be answered down the line. You’re not talking to a void. You’re talking to a person who doesn’t represent the hundreds of others employed at the same game studio. It’s not always their call.