Mini-breakdown of the latest Game Informer news of “Emprise Du Lion” - the Highlands reveal you may remember from PAX but now get to see in Frostbite glory!

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Hello, my name is Ashe. Let’s talk Dragon Age.

Game Informer’s June issue is coming out for digital and print subscribers. But of course, one article in particular catches attention… and that’s the latest on Dragon Age. Reviews Editor for Game Informer Joe Juba interviewed Bioware Producer Cameron Lee for more information on the game. And was delivered.

As we know, the Inquisitor is the only known survivor of the explosion that killed a peace-talk meeting between higher-ups of the Circle of Magi and the Chantry. After literally walking out of the Fade, the Inquisitor is branded with a mark that becomes two things: a symbol of power, drawing those who want to work and worship “The Chosen One”, and a physical manifestation of power that can manipulate the Veil rifts that have spread across Thedas. The main antagonist, the one responsible for the explosion, has yet to be unveiled, as it’s the Inquisitor’s job to reveal this masked enemy. The Inquisitor builds the second Inquisition and uses Skyhold as a main base of operations. A customizable base, where three individuals micromanage three different facets. Those facets, which we already know as military, espionage, and trade, act like talent trees which provide benefits and upgrades to the Inquisition army, the base, and the Inquisitor him or herself. 

But we kind of knew that. So let’s dive into Emprise Du Lion, a fortress in the highlands of what is said to be quoted “Dale”, but I’m pretty sure they meant the Dales. This location is suspected as the same highlands mentioned at PAX East, as it matches the same description: a snowy, mountainous region taken over by the Red Templars. The Inquisitor has the opportunity of freeing the villagers from slavery, forcing the Red Templars out, and recovering the area…for the Inquisition. 

Screenshots are from the Game Informer issue. While beautiful in all of its Frostbite goodness, let’s take a deeper look into the two areas: the Red Templar base and the Elven coliseum.

The Red Templar base will cover a wide range of this mountain. Red crystals litter the landscape, as a result of the templars dabbling in raw red lyrium after invading the mountain.

The landscape is cold and weary. In the exception of the red crystals, the landscape is untouched. Frigid, powdery snow, icicles hanging off the chains…whoever the original makers of the fortress were, they put emphasis on making the buildings sturdy despite the horrible elements. 

Beyond the Emprise Du Lion, is what the article calls an “ancient Elven coliseum”. However, this is rather curious, considering the Dragon’s immediate area in this picture. Do you recognize the statues? On the right, that is an enlarged statue of Maferath, the mortal Avvarian husband of Andraste, the center of the Chantry and its teachings.  On the left, the statue is not exactly discernible, however there is a good chance that the statue is, judging by the leg and stance, Havard - one of Andraste’s most loyal disciples and Maferath’s lifelong friend. In the World of Thedas, the Maferath statue itself…is claimed as Orlesian. What is an Orlesian statue, an Andrastian Chantry statue, doing in a place of ancient Elven ruins? Andraste and the Elves fought only a couple centuries before the Divine Age. The time when Elves ruled Thedas dated back millenia before then. In any case, the conflicting statement between Orlesian statues and the fact that it is an Elven coliseum will hopefully make better sense in Inquisition. 

And a last warning - the world is big. If you’re a completionist, prepare thyself this October. Bioware does not expect you to discover everything in the first playthrough. But bring snacks if you want to try.

If you’d like to get your own copy of Game Informer, a link to buy your own Digital subscription is in the description. I also highly suggest their Dragon Age: Inquisition hub from last year. Though a bit dated compared to all the information that has released as of late, the hub offers a look behind-the-scenes at Bioware.

That’s all I have for you this time around. Thanks for watching - leave your positive or negative comments in the box below. I will see you next time!