Hello there, fellow gigantic nerd! Do you have the need to make game-accurate Sera pants? Maybe a cute dress from Dales Loden Wool? WELL BOY HOWDY, YOU’RE IN LUCK.

Inspired by way too many hours of crafting in Dragon Age Inquisition, I figured we could all stand to do a little real-life crafting. Great for cosplay, also awesome for more day-to-day projects, Spoonflower provides a ton of different fabric types you can get these prints on.

I’ve done my best to get the sizes and colors as game-accurate as possible, and have provided a few screenshots to job your memory. (Some have wonky lighting - forgive, me, as DAI doesn’t want to zoom) HOWEVER, if your project calls for something a little different, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m happy to tweak patterns, and I love love love seeing photos of your awesome work!

Even if you’ve ordered from Spoonflower before, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to order a sample swatch of you desired pattern/fabric combo first. Colors vary across fabric types and I can’t test every single combination, so get a test swatch. GET A TEST SWATCH. If it comes out weird, let me know, and we’ll get it right!

Dragon Age Inquisition Fabric Collection