Mass Effect 3: Citadel DLC Details!

Hello I’m Ashe - and I’ve got Mass Effect details you need to know! On February 21st Bioware announced the next and last installment of Mass Effect 3 - the Citadel DLC. Leaked multiple times in the past by datamined game files, Reddit and other sources, Citadel surrounds a conspiracy facing Commander Shepard. After finishing the quest, the player gets the opportunity to “reconnect with favorite characters from the Mass Effect Trilogy, gamble, redecorate a home and blow things up at a Combat Arena. Basic DLC info can be found on But here are all the things you want to know:

The Citadel DLC has been in the works with multiplayer DLC Reckoning for the past four months and is at a whopping 4GB, opposed to the normal 2GB download. Xbox players will have to download 2 DLC packs on Xbox Live while PC and PS3 users will download Citadel in one. Original music this time around is provided by Sam Hulick, the trilogy’s resident composer, as well as Monarch Video’s Cris Velasco and Sonic Mayhem. Sam Hulick also revealed a positive version to the well known romance track I Was Lost Without You.

The DLC can be accessed with a save between the Cerberus coup and the final Cerberus mission. Additionally, according to community manager Jessica Merizan, the Citadel DLC will not affect the ending. That’s right - this is NOT a post-end DLC nor will there ever be. However, Producer Michael Gamble notes that content is strongly centered on the characters. With most of the voice actors coming back, there is an emphasis on romances being rekindled in this DLC.

Citadel will be released March 5th, the same day as EA releases Sims 3 University and SimCity. Price is $15 or 1200 microsoft points.

It has been my privilege to capture Mass Effect 3 and all its DLC for my subscribers. The Citadel DLC including every possible love interest will be set in a compilation on this channel - I hope you join me on March 5 to celebrate the trilogy’s end and continue when the next Mass Effect trilogy comes to us in a couple years.

Hope to see you March 5!