Just a Game:

A 7 minute documentary about female gamers, and misogyny in the gaming community.

This could not have been made without the videos that were submitted, and without many wonderful articles written.

The aspect ratio is a little off unfortunately, but I hope you all still enjoy it, and can take something from it.

Warning for strong language use, mentions of rape, general dude-bro douche-baggery.  

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you know I’m all for girl gamers and everything like they have every right to game.  But let’s be honest they aren’t as good as guys and it’s a fact.  when was the last time you saw a girl in a national tournament or anything of that sort? It just doesn’t happen so yes girls can game but their skill level will never be as good

OH man, you’re such a NICE GUY! So we’re allowed to play games, even though we should never expect to be as good as you wonderful strong men? WOW, thank you SO much for your permission!

Take a step back and have a look at what you just said. Thank you for being a shining example of everything wrong with the gaming community. Let girls play but they’re not as good as us. They never will be.

Biologically, there are NO advantages that men have over women that translate to gaming. None at all. But what DO men have going for them? Well for starters, their presence isn’t highly criticized from the moment they enter a tournament. Either she’s there because they want a token girl (she’s not a ‘real gamer’) or she hasn’t got a life, is ugly or fat right?

And if a guy joins a team I can bet you a lot of money HIS couch won’t spend their entire training session making him uncomfortable by trying to guess his bra size, or ask him to take his shirt off while focusing the webcam streaming the training session solely on his legs. 

And heaven forbid women try to avoid this and dare to make an all female team. No, if they do that, they’re either being part of the problem (they won’t let guys play with them it’s unfair to us) or they’re doing it for attention (just because they have tits and play games they want us to watch). Either way, they’re fucked before they begin, because people like you have decided they shouldn’t be there.

The minute a woman starts trying to become an competitive gamer, the odds are stacked against her. It’s all by your terms, and your rules.

It’s not about skill levels, because the playing field isn’t level to begin with. We don’t want to be harassed, or belittled, or have to deal with ignorant people like you who assume that because you have a dick you’re going to be better than we will ever be before we’ve even started playing.

Guys are not always going to be better than girls at gaming. Guys are not better than girls at gaming now. They’ve just made sure it’s really fucking hard for a woman to reach a point where she can prove it in a way that you can’t pretend never happened. 

Keptonice your argument was beautiful and I don’t want to take away from that. It was perfect.

But that being said, I really hate it when people say this like they know what they’re talking about.

Dear Mr. I-Yell-At-Babies, as well as the countless others who I’ve seen repeatedly and mistakeningly claim that the same notions, allow me to rebuttal your statements - actually fuck that, I am just going to do it cause I don’t need your permission. I actually know what I’m talking about.

"when was the last time you saw a girl in a national tournament or anything of that sort? It just doesn’t happen"

Tossgirl, Starcraft Brood War

Hafu, World of Warcraft

And my personal favorite, who has kicked ass repeatedly in WCS, MLG, IPL, and other tournaments

Scarlett, for Starcraft 2.

Hafu, TossGirl, and Scarlett are just a small set of countless professional and sponsored (women) gamers that have competed at national tournaments in the past years. Many still compete to this day at MLG, WCS, GSL, ESWC, EVO, and more. The number is few compared to the male presence, but it is still there. It is not existent. Ignorance is not an excuse, people like Mr. I-Yell-At-Babies, as anyone can easily google this information. Please do not condescend females for not having the “skill” while ignorant of the people who have already staked their claim in eSports.