Important Clarification on "Discover the Dragon Age" ...again

I’m here to clear up the confusion over my original post, as well as the clarification post that I released last week from PAX East.

For reference, here are the two excerpts I wrote:

"Discover the Dragon Age" Original Panel Summary

Romances in Inquisition in Dragon Age* are not one in the same: some for affection, humor (like Varric buddying with you), or hate-fueled forbidden love (i.e rivalry love). Don’t worry, guys: you don’t need to romance in Inquisition. Just consider it an option. 

First Clarification Post

Question: “Anyway, I’m a little confused about the part where you mentioned the way DAI is handling romances. You said about Varric’s being humorous and being a buddy, was that just an example used based on the way the DA2 relationships worked? Or were they hinting that Varric might be romanceable?”

Not hinting Varric romance at all. The examples there are reasons why Hawke or the Warden romance (or rather, buddy up wtih) other characters: affection, humor (similarly to how buddy buddy Varric is with Hawke), or painstaking affection (rivalry). They were just examples used to preface what romances mean to people.

Now, it looks like another gaming journalist website missed out on the clarification post, because a few sites are speculating that there are only "affectionate romance, a rivalry-based forbidden romance, even a humorous romance" based off what I had originally wrote.

No, this is incorrect.

Those examples of romances are what we have already experienced in the past with Origins and 2, and examples of what we could experience in Inquisition. Anders was that forbidden romance, as he knew he would ruin Hawke’s life by rivaling the Templars and Chantry. Affection lies for many romances, like Alistair displaying his visible admiration through giving a rose to the Warden. (To further clarify, my Varric example does not pertain to an actual situation in Inquisition.)

Your possible relationships in Inquisition will vary, depending on character. However, your romance experiences will not fall under a numbered restriction of relationship conditions as simple as affection, humor, or rivalry. 

I apologize to those who were initially confused, as the original post did say “in Inquisition”. On Sunday, I did my best to clarify these statements in my additional post. However, other journalist sites are still claiming this error as recent as yesterday. As the original source of this information, I ask that you ignoreany claim from a site regarding this specific topic (unless Bioware). 

Thank you.