If I have enough time tonight...

I’ll do a sum up video of #SprintReviewDay and post it ASAP. In the middle of packing right now for E3 and my California excursion, but I wanted to do a recap of today’s events. Not a lot was said, but something did catch my eye and I have to check on it. Well, given the tweet wasn’t already deleted.

Before I forget, I mentioned in this Reddit thread that I was taking requests on, given there’s a DA3 demo or similar on the floor, what to look out for and report back. Current things I’m paying attention to

  • Customization
  • Weapon types
  • Voice actors, especially the Orlesians
  • Look of the new Engine during gameplay
  • Rogue trees
  • Exploration/free roaming

If any of you have further things I should check out at E3, please let me know! Drop it in my Ask box or @ me on twitter.

Woo! Can’t wait :D