Help support music in schools!


Hey guys,

I’d like to tell you about the Alameda Music Project. It’s a program launched this year which is focused on bringing accessible music education to kids in schools everywhere. The program is starting as a pilot at Maya Lin School in Alameda, CA.

My friend and composer Dren McDonald has spearheaded a fundraiser to help raise money for this ambitious program, and in conjunction with Humble Bundle, is offering a staggering amount of digital albums from many great composers across many different genres! Dren asked me to contribute, which I did. You’ll find my soundtracks for Conclave and Jens Jensen The Living Green included in the bundle, as well as this album I put together a while ago but has never seen the light of day.

A bit of background on this album. After wrapping up the last DLC, I put together a promo album intended only for clients and potential clients, including all my music for Mass Effect 3 and the two DLCs I worked on, “Extended Cut” and “Citadel.” The album has been remastered in some parts, so it’s a different listening experience than the previously released material. There are also a couple remixes, most notably the Mars tracks which now include one of the Mars combats that didn’t make it onto the official album!

With generous permission from EA and BioWare, I was able to include this album in this Humble Bundle along with all the other fantastic music you get for contributing. So please head over to the website and get your bundle today!

Track List:

1. Last Hope (1:12)
2. Fate of the Galaxy (1:21)3. The Briefing (3:44)
4. Mars (Remix) (2:56)
5. A Cerberus Agent (Remix) (2:10)
6. Culmination (0:51)
7. I Was Lost Without You (2:33)
8. The Fleets Arrive (1:47)
9. I’m Proud of You (1:18)
10. The Final Push (0:53)
11. Wake Up (2:08)
12. I Am Alive and I Am Not Alone (1:52)
13. A Future That Many Will Never See (1:35)
14. A Moment of Silence (1:59)
15. Eezo Trip (1:22)
16. Starjumper (1:05)
17. Under the Cover of Night (1:13)
18. Joker’s Fifteen Minutes (1:22)
19. Cruiser (1:04)
20. Lost in You (1:39)
21. Shepard’s Tango (1:05)
22. Farewell and Into the Inevitable (2:02)