What You Should Know About GTA Online


Here are some GTA Online details and tips by your friendly beater ;)

Choose Your Character:
The character creator allows you to choose your background based on your “parents” ethnicity (in the beta: African, Asian, European, Mexican, Pacific-Islander). Characters must level up their stats similar to GTAV’s protagonists, such as driving, weapons, stamina. As a tip, choose 4 hours of sleep and adjust the rest accordingly. I suggest choosing weapons and driving as your first concentrated skills, as you will need to level up by doing different missions that center on those two skills. Driving becomes especially crucial, as you may get clipped by other players. Quite often, if I do say so myself.

Robbing Stores:
Players can loot stores across the city. In order to steal from them, walk up to the counter and point your gun at the merchant. A threaten meter will pop up and you must shoot around the man/woman to raise the meter. The more you threaten, the faster the employee will get the register money to you.

When you rob a store, you gain a two-star wanted level. If you kill the merchant, you gain three. Make sure your getaway car is right next to the entrance. But prepare yourself! In some cases, helicopters and even military will come after you even with low wanted levels if they are nearby. If you get wasted during the escape, you will have to steal your car from the impound lot.

Impound Lot:
Best way to get in the impound lot is jumping the wall from the back alley. Your car should be the closest to the back corner, and the only security you have to deal with are one or two guards posted at the front. Roll through the gate door and find the quickest alley to hide in. You will not be able to call the Insurance company (neither level 1 or level 2 insurance) if you have your car impounded.

Deathmatch gametype:
If you want to win your deathmatch, get to the high ground. Controlling the high ground is a huge advantageous on every Deathmatch map. If you climb the ladders and snipe people from the roofs, it takes a considerable amount of effort to get to you. In smaller areas (like the area with a building in the center and a square perimeter, which you’ll find out what I mean soon), an alcove exists where you can hide and snipe at people as they run by you.

Body armor and weapons are placed across the map. Play like you would in Hunger Games: kill the enemy as they’re running towards the upgrades. In most cases, the placement of the armor is in the open. Hug the walls and wait to ambush.

You only have one weapon - make it count. Personally, the shotgun is the most versatile for short to mid-range engagements. As you’re leveling up, shotguns are very powerful. (While the Micro-SMG has its uses and available early on, it takes a noticeable amount of time to clip an enemy.)

Lastly, don’t forget to tap A after you die! You spawn faster and can pick off enemies when they’re not aware. When you spawn, you have a second or two of invulnerability. Take advantage of it.

Los Santos Customs:
Players can sell cars found in the city. Simply take a car of your choice to a Los Santos Customs shop and choose “SELL” instead of Repair or customize. Notice, though, that some cars are too “hot” (the very top quality models) and are incapable of selling. These are premium models, normally found for sale from the in-game’s internet.

Car Insurance:
One of the missions will have you grab car insurance, courtesy of Simeon. In the event that you lose your car, another player steals it, or any other random acts of Cris Formage, you can call the Insurance company on your phone and have them give you another car. If I remember correctly, there are two levels.

First level: Place a tracker on your car and pay a fee to have your car back.
Second level: Place a tracker on your car. In the event that it is destroyed, you can call for a free new car new car at a small fee (about $450).

Quick GPS:
Hold down the SELECT button and you’ll find numerous options, including the option to set your GPS to a selection of quick locations (similar to the in-Taxi options). In most cases, you’re constantly hunted by other players. Use the Quick GPS instead of the START menu to get where you need to go.

Passive mode:
Passive mode is a feature you can pay some money in-game to avoid getting killed. The fee is $100-500. This mode is a great grief tactic for clipping other players, if you have the money to spend.

That’s all I remember for now. Have fun, everyone!

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