Game Writing - Nuts and Bolts (Part 2)


Writing plots.

When sitting down to craft a plot for a game (an RPG in particular, though I supposed some of what I’m talking about might be transferable— I’m not sure, as I’ve never worked on anything but RPG’s), there are a few central questions you need to answer. What is the player going to do? What experience do you want the player to get out of the plot? What choices are you going to have?

These are not idle questions. Yes, there is a story— and ideally you’re going to have that story in mind when you start— but writing a game plot and writing a story are not the exact same thing. Many beginners make the mistake of only thinking of a story in the exact same way they might craft one for a novel. They give it a beginning, a middle, and an end… and that would work if the player went through the story in the exact manner prescribed and felt exactly about it what you intended the protagonist to feel… but what if they don’t?

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I suggest reading his first one before this one. I know not all of you are into game design as much as Dragon Age itself, but I personally find the process intriguing.

(And David, if you read this, I’d enjoy a scene in the back alley next to the Pearl from DA:O if you don’t mind! As far as the gist, how about a 15-year-old misfit who’s trying to use his not-so-wily ways to sneak into the brothel? For the Dragon Agers who want an actual DAO character in there, it could be planned during the Warden’s first visit.

I imagine this won’t get accepted because it could lead to some bad, sexual undertones…but I may as well ask :D )

As an aside, I’m laughing my ass off. I normally read out loud (my way of practicing voice) and I feel like a douche trying to say it in what I think is the “Gaider” voice. The tonality is a bad concoction of jackassery and seduction, dashed with a bit of haughtyness. I think nothing bad of him, but for some reason I feel the essence of “Lead Writer” needs a dick in play.

Anyway, read and go on with your lives, lol.