Fuck Yeah BioWare: Mass Effect High Resolution Project & other Mod help


This post is primarily for Mass Effect 3 on PC players, if you don’t play ME3 on PC please disregard.

Saltisgood on the BSN has released his new Mass Effect High Resolution project, and now it’s very easy to patch in numerous high res textures into your game which cause no additional load times.

Here is the thread on the BSN, complete with download links an instructions.  Installing this mod is literally as easy as downloading a .zip, unzipping it, and running an .exe

The one thing they don’t make clear, though, is that running the project will take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.  Also you will probably want to disable automatic updates in Origin (it’s on the first tab in Origin settings, scroll down) in order to not have to re-patch every time Origin notices your file sizes aren’t correct.

It also runs a small risk of erroring out and causing you to have to re-download ME3, so you do run that risk.  I (Annakie) ran it this morning without any problems and the new textures looked perfect in-game.

Also if you are interested in just learning how to use Texmod and finding other modding resources, Eternalshiva has a fantastic resource list here, which includes help for all three games.