Friendly Reminder for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Review Embargoes for Dragon Age: Inquisition are up November 11 at 12:01AM Pacific

If you don’t want to be spoiled by anything, leading up to Inquisition’s actual release (11/18 in US, 11/20 in EU, 11/21 in UK) or at the very least for Xbox One 6-Hour Trial “Demo” (11/13 globally), please consider taking your media blackout around this time.

From here on out, I will be marking every single Inquisition video and news update with spoiler tags and banners (e.g. “Story spoilers”, “No spoilers”, “Conversation spoilers”, “Audio spoilers”). I’m even making a pretty *SPOILER* banner for your convenience. 

Much <3 to you all. It’s been a honor being with you all for Inquisition news this past year. I’m not going anywhere, but just wanted to say that now begins the long journey.

Only a little more than a week left.