Found this on /r/Cringe. As much as I can agree it’s well produced and I dig the editor’s usage of what clips he or she had…Christ, it’s so superfluous I can’t take it as serious as it’s given.

This is my reading:

Let me show you how different I am from you. Let me talk about League of Legends’ success, which is actually unrelated to how successful we are personally. I’m a Siren - what that means? I won’t tell you because I’m being arbitrarily unclear with my seriousness. Let me show you how many times I put on my headset, because that shows you my sincereity towards competing.

Am I supposed to take this seriously? Or is this meant to be a parody and I’m missing the point? I can understand that they apparently have a team house and a team needs to advertise, but this feels inherently disingenuous that the vid misses its point and goal.

I’ve seen even regular pro teams do this and still “cringe” at the sight of it. This vid joins that. Or maybe my taste is irregular and I shouldn’t be such a bitch. Who knows. Maybe I’m just weird for feeling this was an overproduction for such a small feat without first winning any tournaments or accolades, either as a team or individually. It’s as effective as an announcement of an announcement. We’re still waiting for credible info to be said.