Final Thoughts on Citadel DLC (Mass Effect 3)

Original video -

"Originally I had a review setup. I had it completely written out and recorded, to be honest I’m still looking at it in Soundbooth, but half way into editing the audio files I realized: I’m doing the DLC and everything it is a disservice.

You see - Citadel DLC is probably the one DLC that should have been in the game in the first place. It also should have not taken this long to come out. It shouldn’t have open the wounds we felt a year ago when we first played this last installment of Commander Shepard’s life. It’s beautifully fanserviced and gooey, it’s heartbreaking and it’s magnificent in simplicity. It’s tumblr and it’s feels and there’s thousands of us reblogging the first post.

It’s not that the DLC it’s written well, or that it’s funny at times, or even hilarious at times, poking fun at the moments we’ve enjoyed and cried to throughout the trilogy. The people we fell in love with, the people we learned to love, what drove us and what compelled us to lead a path of heroism or a path of ruthlessness. All these things should have been with us a year ago. (If I had known what would have been in this DLC and the others, I would have given the original Mass Effect 3 a zero. Because the way this DLC is orchestrated just hurts.)*

I confess that I’ve grown attached to these characters. And that was made evident by the way I started revising myself. The way I was thinking about how much I enjoyed of spending that extra 5 minutes with someone. Kaidan making me dinner, Zaeed getting a stuffed volus, Miranda and Shepard being two normal people at the Casino. These squadmates - I grew attached to. Fought next to, occasionally died next to cause I’m an idiot and didn’t medigel.

Look - this is what it comes down to. I’m not going to give it a rating. I’m going to say this - Play the DLC. Buy it. If you are like me and played throughout the trilogy, drove the Mako, punched Udina in the face, fed a tank of fishes and forgot to feed them a mission later, told Illusive Man to piss off, hell, even kick Diana Allers off the ship. Play the god damn DLC. And that’s it.

Be Commander Shepard…one last time.”

*Taken out of the final cut by accident. Still applies.