Extremely misinformed Dragon Age 3 "endings" article

Today has been a rant kind of day, so please excuse me as I dive into this lovely article.

Dragon Age 3 will be the great finale for the Dragon Age series


As it happened in the second game, players will certainly be able to choose which faction they wish to support in the upcoming story.

Wait, what

agreements that allow both factions to subsist under certain rules, approved by both sides. Why can’t this be a possible end in Dragon Age 3?

I’m sorry, what?

(originally from ChickenWarcryer)

Since when was Dragon Age a TRILOGY? Did this person not play DA2? Read about the Nevarran accord? What about the Qunari? Or Orlais, as the Empress is gone? The last three/two Archdemons/Old Gods? 

Please, someone slap gaming journalism a few times as more of these DA3 speculation shiticles are popping up before E3. And more are just as wrong as these.