Extra Thoughts on DA Talk: Morrigan

I didn’t include these points in my commentary since I felt it these things either A) did not fit in the conversation or B) were way too speculative.The series itself is more towards making players understand the lore than imposing unproven theories or confusing the viewers. 

Anyway, here we go. Facts and theories taken out of DA Talk Morrigan:


  • Fan theories suggest Morrigan’s age reflected the time when Flemeth and former King Maric spoke privately in the Stolen Throne. What this implies: Morrigan and Alistair are half-siblings, Maric is her real father, she has dragon blood.
  • In one conversation with the Warden, Morrigan lightly touches on the ability to transfigure self into a human, beyond just animals like spiders or wolves. If a human can transfigure themselves into another human, we may see great deception across the board in later games. 
  • Morrigan is wearing an Orlesian dress, but it’s also possible she’s not in Orlais. She can be in Halamshiral, which is in the region but a different city. Orlais’ gates were closed once Empress Celene had to leave the city - while this barely can hold a mage of her caliber, she may not be in Orlais.
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  • One of the epilogues apparently depicted a dark-haired mage at the Orlesian court. I personally haven’t reached this ending (it’s really hard to play so many variations of DA:O) so I did not want to put this in here without the actual slide. (maybe fact?)


  • Flemeth raised Morrigan and Yavana. However, legend speaks that Flemeth was to eventually absorb Morrigan to make her youthful. In the slide I used for Yavana, I lightly touched that she considers this process a gift other than a curse. (In speculation: I have mentioned before that this may be similar to demonic possession, and that all consciousnesses may be present and give reason to why Flemeth always speaks in tongues)
  • In the last point, Flemeth raises all her daughters to be strong in magic. The stronger the mage, the easier to combine in the ritual.