Extra-Life Reminder - Playing ALL THE GAMES

I’m streaming this Friday and Saturday for Extra-life, a 25-hour charity livestream for the Childrens’ Miracle Network!




  • Campaign Friday, 11AM-11PM PT
  • - I’ll be finishing my Let’s Play series “The Perfect Save” for Dragon Age 2. We’ll talk about Dragon Age: Inquisition all throughout the playthrough.
  • Multiplayer Saturday, 11AM - 11PM PT - Playing all the games! With whoever wants to join :D The ones I’m defintiely playing: Minecraft, Smite, Hearthstone, Mass Effect 3 (multiplayer). Maaaaybe GTAV for Xbox.
    (Click here to see this in your timezone :D)


  • The short answer of this is that it’s a great cause to raise money for children, specifically research in treatments for different diseases and conditions. 
  • Long answer I’ll spare you, but it involves the fact that the Children’s Hospital I’m specifically helping is in my hometown Pittsburgh. I went to that hospital during my youth for multiple reasons and the staff there were so kind to me when I was the shy, panicky little kid I was most of the time. Now that I’m older, I’m happy to help them in this way.

I hope to see you all there! If you can’t catch the stream, you can still donate to the Childrens’ Miracle Network through Extra-life! Link is up above or click this link.

Thanks for reading <3